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Change Management

Controlling the implementation of all changes made to any Devices, Servers, or Applications within the TSU Production environment.

Data Backup & Restore

Important files could get accidentally deleted, corrupt, natural disasters could occur. A solid backup and recovery plan can help you recover from any of these. Without one, you’re left with nothing to fall back on.

Database Administration

Managing and Maintaining (Storing and Organizing Data) using specialized Database Management Systems (DBMS) Software.

Data Center Management

Managing systems that are usually part of a large distributed network. The data center is responsible for the management of significant amounts of data and the hardware required to store it and distribute it to users.

Data Transfers for University Devices

Transferring your most valuable files/pieces of information, e.g.Professional correspondence (outgoing and incoming) with colleagues, publishers, professional organizations, and former students;

File Shares

All Faculty and Staff have access to use any of our File Servers / File Share Systems. Please put in a Service Request to get signed up.

Storage Management

Encompasses the administration of any or all of backup, archival, disaster recovery and hierarchical storage management (HSM) procedures within our organization.

Firewall Management

Prevent unauthorized network access and breaches. Devices are continually upgraded and patched to keep up with the latest threats.

Servers – Virtual, Physical, and Physical to Virtual Conversions

File Servers, Web Servers, Print Servers, Network Servers, Database Servers,Application Servers, Dedicated Servers, etc.