A man Drawing the graph on White board and the board is filled with statistics of project which represents Portfolio and project management


Portfolio Management is the centralized management of IT focus areas and their associated current and proposed projects. IT focus areas consists of Academic Technology, Banner ERP, Business Systems and Tools, Disaster Recovery, Network Infrastructure, Security & Governance, Web Management, and Wireless Technology. The IT Focus Areas categorize our efforts into manageable groups to build strategic plans and report to TSU stakeholders.

The Project Management Office (PMO) was established to develop a project management structure and methodology to boost IT efficiency and improve the IT project delivery process. The primary goal of the PMO is to create, maintain and educate project management best practices to OIT staff and TSU stakeholders to ensure projects have a solid foundation for a successful completion.

The PMO functions go beyond the project life cycle management. It works Senior Management to formulate and review OIT Strategy, translate OIT strategic plans into attainable goals and manages those goals through Portfolio Management. The PMO also supports the University on business process improvements.

Contact the Project Management Office at OIT-Project-MGT@TSU.EDU to request a Project Request Form.

For Training or General Questions please contact Courtney Mays at Courtney.Mays@tsu.edu or OIT-Project-MGT@TSU.EDU.