I T Governance


IT Governance provides the guidance in managing how the use of IT is governed within the university. Governance is the decision-making and oversight processes that ensure that reasonable and appropriate actions are taken to protect the university’s information resources. Governance also focuses on strategic alignment, decision-making and prioritization of investments within the Information Technology Coordinating Committee (ITCC).

The ITCC is charged with establishing a uniform and integrated structure for considering information technology matters in order to:

  1. Advise the President, Cabinet and Board of Regents as they make executive-level strategic management decisions and develop policy relating to information technology;
  2. Set the strategic direction and priority of IT projects that support the advancement of the University’s institutional goals;
  3. Establish funding priorities for technology initiatives, and;
  4. Establish a mechanism for overseeing the implementation of strategic and tactical information technology plans.

Activities covered under this structure are those related to academic, administrative, residential, computer labs and classrooms, and shared University technology resources.


  • Information Technology Coordinating Committee