Class room with all mac Pcs


Classroom Technology and University Events Support handles all aspects of technology-enabled spaces across Campus. From the initial design, to installation, to the support and training of the completed space, we provide comprehensive in-house services to meet the needs of Faculty and Staff. By leveraging years of experience, in conjunction with the latest products, we are able to provide reliable and intuitive solutions to end-users in a quick and cost effective manner.

As technology continues to evolve, we strive to provide modern solutions to meet the changing demands of our end-users. New equipment currently available for demo includes:

  • BlueJeans (Video Conferencing)

Design and Installation
The Design and Installation team works closely with the Office of the University Architect, building curators, the Deans of each College, as well as the faculty and staff to insure a successful and fiscally responsible integration of technology into academic, administrative, and other University owned spaces. By utilizing a set of standards and best-practices, we are able to insure that all academic spaces have a similar feel and operation, allowing for flexibility in scheduling of rooms for course instruction as well as minimize down-time when equipment failures occur.

Insuring operation in the Classroom
Academic Technology Services is responsible for insuring that all Audio/ Visual equipment found in technology enabled spaces in is good working order for daily use. Preventative maintenance occurs regularly through the year to minimize equipment failure including:

  • Regular replacement of projector bulbs
  • Cleaning of projector filters
  • Testing of audio systems
  • Upgrades to obsolete equipment