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If staff in your department spend time and money traveling to meet people away from campus, you can cut costs by using BlueJeans Video Conferencing Service. The OIT Audio Visual team will take care of running the technology for you, including:

  • Working with the technical contacts at the site you’re connecting to
  • Testing the connections in advance to make sure they’re reliable for you on the day
  • Setting up the connection on the day so it’s all ready for you to use
  • Monitoring your conference as it happens, and helping if there are any problems

What is Blue Jeans?
Blue Jeans is a multi-party video conferencing and content sharing service. With Blue Jeans, you can meet with up to 25-100 participants or sites per meeting. Run entirely in the cloud, Blue Jeans works with PC and Macintosh computers, iPhone, iPad, and other devices via a web browser and an App. You can even connect with in-room systems such as Polycom, Tandberg, or Cisco. The service allows you to place video calls to colleagues and collaborators around the globe.

How can Blue Jeans help with my work?
Other universities are using the service to:

  • Distance Learning: Extending the classroom beyond the walls of a room to anyone who has access to the Internet.
  • Guest Lectures: Using Blue Jeans, guest lecturers can use video to reach a classroom full of students from across the world, no matter which video platform they’re using.
  • Virtual Office Hours: Students can join office hours from their browser or mobile device to ask questions, eliminating the requirement be at an on-campus location.
  • Internal / External Collaboration: Share ideas and collaborate with faculty, staff, researchers, vendors, and more.


  • First time will need to receive a link from the Group Administrator for access. Depending on your security configurations you may need to ask your OIT Group Administrator of Blue Jeans for assistance.
  • Use your MyTSU ID and passphrase to log in here (
  • Participants may also join meetings using this website by typing in the meeting ID number.


  • 100 connection capacity
  • Unlimited Recording
  • Ability to invite non-Texas Southern University participants (only the meeting creator needs a BlueJeans/MyTSU account)
  • Free to use for campus faculty, staff, and students
  • Browser extensions for Chrome and Safari
  • Smartphone app for iOS and Android
  • Microsoft Outlook Add-in

Training and Resources
Videos from BlueJeans:

Online Training:
Coffee & Blue Jeans

Onsite Training for your Team/Department:
Please call 713.313.1800

Support Questions/Feedback:

  • For questions or to resolve issues contact TSU-OIT support at 713-313-1800.
  • You can also check out their Support Page, contact Blue Jeans Support online, or call 1-408-791-2830.

More Information:
To learn more about Blue Jeans video conferencing and content sharing service, see the Blue Jeans Overview page.