Thin Client


The Office of Information Technology is proud to announce the availability of a new type of desktop. We have engineered a desktop computing solution that has these benefits:

  • Lower cost than a traditional PC—approximately $300 without a display
  • Takes very little space on your desktop—about the size of a paperback book
  • Uses under 7 watts of electrical power, more than 10 times less than a typical desktop computer
  • Totally silent in operation, no fans, no spinning hard drives
  • Super-fast startup and shutdown—ready to work in less than 15 seconds
  • No moving parts mean a longer expected working life—5-Year Warranty, 7-year expected working life
  • Runs Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office for a productive and compatible computing experience
  • Your documents are stored securely on ITS servers and are backed-up automatically

We recommend the thin client only for information workers that don’t need access to specialty software or multi-media intensive applications.

The Thin Client will work best if you keep the following in mind:

  • It requires wired access to the TSU network
  • Green PC thin clients support no more than two side-by-side displays
  • We support workflows that require access to standard, widely supported applications. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Outlook, Lync and web-browser-based applications are included at no charge.
  • The software available on the Thin Client is fixed; you cannot add or remove applications yourself.
  • If you access an application through a Web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) without running an installer, it should work fine on a Thin Client. If you need to run an installer before you first use the application, it will not.
  • You can access MyTSU, Banner, Blackboard, and many more.
  • The Thin client has no floppy or optical (CD – DVD) drive. Your documents can be easily emailed as attachments if you need to transport them between computers.
  • You will be happier with a thin client if you have modest needs for video. The Thin Client can play most Internet video but will not perform well with high resolution video or in full-screen.
  • No multimedia accessory support. – Thin clients do not support Enterprise Voice, web-cams, USB microphones or other accessories that require multimedia input or custom driver installation. A Thin Client can participate in web conferences but would not be a good choice as a host for one.
  • If printing is required, your department must have a nearby networked printer. Thin clients do not support locally attached printer.