Different colors of sticky notes and few pen stands represents IT request make a note

Submit A Quote Request --->

To submit a request online go to: http://itservicecenter.tsu.edu/ or call x4357 (713-313-HELP).

Technology Consultation --->

A representative from OIT will contact you for a technology consultation. Your needs will be matched with TSU Computer Hardware and Software standards.

Receive a Quote --->

OIT will obtain and provide to you a quote.

Initiate a Requisition --->

OIT will initiate a requisition on your behalf. Once the requisition has been created, you will receive a requisition number by email. Please add your FOAP to the requisition for accounting purposes.

Purchase Order --->

Once the purchase order has been dispatched to the vendor, OIT will track the vendor, ensure delivery for your technology items, and configure the equipment to your specifications.

Delivery and Setup !

Once your equipment is ready for delivery, OIT will schedule an appointment with you to deliver and setup your new equipment.